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So on my '07 420 I found the mice REALLY like to stockpile dog & cat food in the air box while I had it parked in the barn. Luckily they didn't chew up any wiring. With some expanded metal off an old air filter and a hot glue gun I've managed to keep the little vermin at bay for 2 years now.
Hopefully this may help others on here.

I don't have a need for a snorkel as I prefer trail riding thru the bush, hauling firewood, and hunting as opposed to mud and trying to use my quad as a boat.


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there is an interesting post here, that has to do with vermin. it were posted by that yahoo,"LedFTed" person.
the post starts as, "of mice an moles"..
just so happens, i got some gasoline, i got to get rid of. i want to save the propane, for a later date. old gas in the ATV tank, does need to be got rid of, even if it is non-ethanol gas.
Should ya decide to try any of the methods suggested in that thread, it's better to blow up your barn, then your house... :icon_ nono2:
dont feed the cat's so much. when they get skinny, they will get rid of your mice. me sister, at 1 time had over 42, cat's. she fed them regular. the mice must have loved it.. once, i seen a dead mole, cought by a cat. it were worse at er house..
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