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Metal Shavings in rear end

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Hello. Im new to the forums as far as just registering but I've been reading over different things here for along time. I have just recently started fixing up my 1998 honda 300 fourtrax 4x4. I replaced all the seals and bearings on the rear end, put a 2 inch lift on it and 27" tires. I felt that everything went well so I tested it a couple of days ago and had no problems. I went thrue several decent mud holes but nothing serious. After the ride I checked it over and found that the left side axle nuts near the final drive were both loose. I went and checked the rear diff fluid and found that it was bad murky brown so I must have not placed a seal right or something i guess. I stuck my finger down in there and found metal shavings. I will tear it down tom morning and see how much damage ive done. Could the axle nuts being loose cause the shavings? Any help would be great. Thanks
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Welcome to the forums. I agree with Submarine. When you fix it back again and tighten the axle nuts, I would put locktite on them.
Thanks for the quick reply. I drove it around 20 mins. Hope I havnt caused to much damage... Could that be the cause of water in my diff oil?
It may have let the axle move back and forth and let the water in.
ok I will tear it apart tomarrow and give an update. Thanks for the info.
You're welcome.
Glad you got it fixed. You should be good for a long time, now, with a new final drive. Just keep your eye on the axle bearings. When they wear a little, they let the axle move back and forth and that's what causes the ring and pinion to wear. It's best to replace the axle bearings as soon as you see any play in them. It's a lot cheaper than replacing the whole final drive.
.i don't remember which end won't come out of the cv joint
It's the outboard joint that don't come apart.
.i don't remember which end won't come out of the cv joint
It's the outboard joint that don't come apart.
i knew one of them didn't..just couldn't remember which'll say matter which one it is..they sure are messy !.lol.
I agree with that. I hate messing with the CV joints. I had just about rather buy new axles than to repack them. LOL.
Thanks for the replies. I prices front axles and they are quite expensive. Like 270$ a piece. Right now I've invested over a grand in the old 300 in the last 3 weeks so I'm not looking forward to buying axles. I'm going to tear the front end down Tom morning in hopes of just replacing parts. I've never don't this before so any help would be great. I know I will have questions tomorrow :happy: I have the Honda 300 service Manuel so that should help.
Yeah, those axles are expensive.

If you have the service manual, you should be fine. That's the messiest grease I've ever seen.
If the knuckle bearings were bad, then that might be the only problem.

Those axle boots aren't normal. It looks like someone has put them on and didn't equalize the pressure. You'll have to take a clamp off and take a small screwdriver and slide under the edge of the boot to let air into the boot. Those CV joints slide back and forth on the axle. Someone probably put the clamps back on the boot with the cv joint in the compressed position and then the axle pulled back apart and it didn't have enough air in the boot.
Well everything is put back together and the locker is in place. Y'all had me worried lol but it turned out not bad at all. Only time I feel it's hard to turn Is when I'm in reverse but even still it's not bad. I replaced the nuckel bearings and seals and the piping sound I had is gone. Every once in a while when I turn as sharp as it will go I hear a very light pop but it doesn't sound like I need to worry about it. As far as the boot I took one clamp off and tried to get it to pop back out but it wouldn't. The Honda shop said sometimes that happens? I went ahead and regreased them anyways. I'm rdy to take it out now. Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it.
The boots had probably been like that too long to spring back to shape.

My Grizzly has the pushbutton locker and when I lock it, it's pretty hard to steer, but I guess it's a lot heavier than the 300. Glad it worked out for you.
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