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Metal Shavings in rear end

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Hello. Im new to the forums as far as just registering but I've been reading over different things here for along time. I have just recently started fixing up my 1998 honda 300 fourtrax 4x4. I replaced all the seals and bearings on the rear end, put a 2 inch lift on it and 27" tires. I felt that everything went well so I tested it a couple of days ago and had no problems. I went thrue several decent mud holes but nothing serious. After the ride I checked it over and found that the left side axle nuts near the final drive were both loose. I went and checked the rear diff fluid and found that it was bad murky brown so I must have not placed a seal right or something i guess. I stuck my finger down in there and found metal shavings. I will tear it down tom morning and see how much damage ive done. Could the axle nuts being loose cause the shavings? Any help would be great. Thanks
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Yeh the old final drive lasted 12 years lol so yeh I hope this one holds up for a while. My next question is about the front axle and cv joints. I put a 2 inch lift and a set of vamp EDLs. Now with the added flex on the front axle I hear it make a poping sound every once in a while when turning sharp. One thing is I beleive I need to re-grease the boots but Ive never done it before. Is it difficult to do? What kind of grease do I get? and how do i remove the bands from the boots? If someone has some instructions or mabye some pictured steps that would be great.
after you get the front wheels and hubs off..remove the knuckle from the would be a good time to repack both ends of the cv joints...with a sharp tug/pull...pull the axle out of the front might take a few pulls..but it will just pop may loose some front differental oil...soo..remember to re-fill it after your done..once you pull the axle out...with a small screwdriver..bend the metal tabs up and out of the keeper thats around the's just crimped down around the band..< it's best just to remove just one band < the big end >..slide the boot back far enough to inspect the cv joint..repack..slide it back on if the cv joint is good..most times..if you hear a poping sound when turning..the cv joints are bad...this will require a complete tear down of them..this can get alittle end of the cv joint is held together with a snap ring that sits down inside the cv joint..remove it..then it should just pull out..sorry..i don't remember which end won't come out of the cv joint..i do know one end does..oh..make sure that you don't take both sides out..and put them in on the wrong side !
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.i don't remember which end won't come out of the cv joint
It's the outboard joint that don't come apart.
i knew one of them didn't..just couldn't remember which'll say matter which one it is..they sure are messy !.lol.
Haha yeh it seems any work I do to this four wheeler at the end of the day I turn out black. I think I'll be alright lol.
being black is one thing..getting cv joint grease on another ball game !!..wait until you get that grease on ya !!..lmfao..yu'll see what were talking about..lmfaooo.
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