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Metal Shavings in rear end

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Hello. Im new to the forums as far as just registering but I've been reading over different things here for along time. I have just recently started fixing up my 1998 honda 300 fourtrax 4x4. I replaced all the seals and bearings on the rear end, put a 2 inch lift on it and 27" tires. I felt that everything went well so I tested it a couple of days ago and had no problems. I went thrue several decent mud holes but nothing serious. After the ride I checked it over and found that the left side axle nuts near the final drive were both loose. I went and checked the rear diff fluid and found that it was bad murky brown so I must have not placed a seal right or something i guess. I stuck my finger down in there and found metal shavings. I will tear it down tom morning and see how much damage ive done. Could the axle nuts being loose cause the shavings? Any help would be great. Thanks
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Hello and welcome to the forums ..... if the axle housing nuts are loose it could cause the bearings to wear and thus the ring gear and pinion could wear
Yep glad we could help.
.i don't remember which end won't come out of the cv joint
It's the outboard joint that don't come apart.
i knew one of them didn't..just couldn't remember which'll say matter which one it is..they sure are messy !.lol.
Messy is an understatement!
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