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May have fried my 2008 Rancher 420es 4x4 battery jump starting with my truck

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I left the truck off as that is what was suggested by a google search.
When the cables were connected and I turned the key in the atv, the dash lights came on as did the digital speedometer. It sat that way (like it normally would) until I hit the starter. It immediately made a pop noise and the dash lights all went out. Nothing would make them come on again. Obviously still wouldn't start.

I checked the fuses and none are blown.
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Normally, jumping an ATV from a truck or car won't hurt your ATV battery. Evidently, you were jumping it for some unexplained reason. Whatever that reason is, probably has something to do with the issue you experienced while jumping it. If you can perform some diagnosis of your underlying problem and resolve it, you should be OK and may not even need to jump it once repairs are made.
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