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May have fried my 2008 Rancher 420es 4x4 battery jump starting with my truck

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I left the truck off as that is what was suggested by a google search.
When the cables were connected and I turned the key in the atv, the dash lights came on as did the digital speedometer. It sat that way (like it normally would) until I hit the starter. It immediately made a pop noise and the dash lights all went out. Nothing would make them come on again. Obviously still wouldn't start.

I checked the fuses and none are blown.
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there is a possibility that you can get a power surge when jump starting things, and it can damage electronic's, like CDI's and ECU's and such, but typically before they get damaged or during, it will also trip a fuse on things, so since you didn;t trip any fuses?
I would be wondering what all is wrong here

have you tried hooking up a GOD battery to the atv and see if anything happens, as in display working again or??
did you ground jumper cables to frame or just to both battery posts??
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