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Manual shift problem

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Hey everyone. I have a 2000 Honda trx350tm rancher. It is a manual shift. It was running and riding great. Until it died in gear. Now it will not start or even try to start because it refuses to go into neutral. I have replaced all fuses and my battery is good and new. I have tried shifting up and down and in and out of reverse with no luck. If you try to push it it’ll go backwards with ease but not forwards. Almost as if it’s stuck in reverse. Help please!
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shift drum is broken at back of shift drum, this spot on there turns the gear position switch, very common for the early trx350 ranchers to break off right there.
Thanks a bunch. Haven’t looked at it today yet but where should i be looking or taking apart on the bike?
start by down loading the service manual. read it..then read it again !. you need to pull the rear engine cover off, this is the stator cover. once this is off, you can see the end of the shift drum, it has a long slot across it, take a flat blade screw driver, stick it in the slot, see if it spins all the way around ?, if it does ?, then the shift drum is broken, you will need to replace whole shift drum, and this means the motor has to come out, split to be serviced.
I’m sorry I’ve been so busy i haven’t been up there. But i got a buddy of mine who knows a lot about four wheelers to go take a look and he popped it back into neutral and she fired right up!!
thanks for the update. what did he do different that you did not do ?.
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