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I use two lengths of clear hose to drain brake fluid into a beer bottle. Put an bend in them to keep air from getting into the nipple and to judge the color of the fluid as it comes out. I use a piece of Velcro strap to keep pressure on the lever. At some point you will want to remove the sludge from the reservoir. I use a clean shop rag and a clean flux (acid) brush. Throw away everything when you're done.

I bleed the short line length first then longest length, so right brake line then left brake

If I'm mistaken someone please lmk
I thought that you are supposed to bleed furtherest from the master cylinder, proceeding to closest. On an automobile, that would be right rear, left rear, right front, then left front. I know that on an atv the distance between the two fronts is marginally different, so it may not matter. I bled the front brakes on my 300 left then right, and got all the air out easily. Obviously, the opposite worked for you.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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