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Low voltage

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Hey guys I’ve got a 08 Honda rancher 420 and the starter won’t spin when you push the button. Everything’s clean it starts when you bypass the solenoid with a screwdriver. With the solenoid wire disconnected from the starter I measure 5 volts to ground at the plug and moving up to the line side of the push button on handlebar it measures 5 volts. I’ve traced this wire back to the ECM and tested it and its output measures 5 volts or really close? Any help would be GREAT!
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When I hit the start button nothing happens but I can hear a slight click at the starter relay also at the same time if I measure the voltage at the battery side of the start button I get 5 volts?
When I measure the battery voltage I get 12.5 volts. The machine will start if you bypass the solenoid so it’s not a battery problem I put another ECM from another bike that’s not it either
Found it, it was a connector under the front plastics. After I cleaned the connector voltage came back to 12.8 and cranked perfect. Thanks for all the input!!!


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