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Loud clicking noise coming from front left axle?

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The other day I was fishtailing my Honda Foreman TRX400FW '95 in gravel when I noticed a load clicking noise coming from the front left side. I have looked around that area and have taken of the wheel and found it is not the wheel, but is coming from the axle - UV joint. ( at least thats what I think the part is, I'm not all that knowledgeable.)

It is 'my' quad, but I would prefer not to tell my grandfather something is wrong with it unless there actually is. So basically I am wondering if it is possible for a rock to be in there, and if so how to go about extracting it? It almost sounds as if its metal clanking though, and it is repeated clicking that gets worse when turning while giving it gas, although after getting up speed I can coast and turn while coasting with no unusual sounds.

Any and all help is greatly welcomed, and I apologize for my first post here being about help. I hope to get my ATV fixed and to join in on some other discussions!

P.S. Any pricing for a part it could be or any other suggestions of what it can be are welcomed.

P.S.S. If any more details are needed/wanted I would happily provide them!
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bad cv-joint is your problem. if you can find out which end of your front drive shaft is making the noise..then you can decide which plan of action you want to take...if it's the outter cv-joint..toss another one...because the outter cv-joint is not repairable..the inside joint is though. if you think you can rebuild it and don't mind getting greasy as all get out..rebuild it. if not..i highly recomend getting a new one..or used one from ebay or a salvage yard.
mine listed in the service manual as front makes no difference..we all know where it's at on the bike !
your welcome
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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