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Lost 4th gear in 2004 Honda Recon 250

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I was riding this afternoon and went to shift into 4th gear and heard a popping noise. I released the gas when I heard this and when I went to hit the gas again it wouldn’t go anywhere. I shifted through the rest of my gears, R, 1-3, and 5 and everything ran fine (except a hard shift into 5th, not toooo hard but definitely noticeable).

A few problems you can rule of the list because I’ve already checked:

- I just replaced the oil last week (10w-40 valvoline atv oil) and it is at the top of the fill line
- I have tightened the clutch adjustment

Any recommendations or suggestions on what the problem could be would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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sounds to me, your gear forks or gear dogs or shift drum has issues ?. I would pull the front cover, and have a look at the front of the shift drum area for starters for any signs of damage ?. if none there ?, well, it will be an internal engine damage, this means, pull motor, split motor, and start looking through the tranny gears, shift drum for damage somewhere in that area :).
first on your list should be to down load the service manual !!.
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