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???loss at top end

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hello,,ok, so i snrkled my foreman,,i've seen and did what i've read here..2'' out of airbox to 1.5--i'm only going to tank cover..It comes up btween seat and gas cap.. Top speed b4=62;'';';' top speed after=57..what's the problem here,,noticed a little spudder at top speed
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ok,,,help, seen on here to do it that way so i don't have to rejet,,how can i snorkle w/o jetting,,this is simple snrkl. only about 14" total with turns
fiveo---when y'all fellas heading back to bsco beach
wonder whats the deal,,i have only 1 90,,mine only goes to tank,,no more than that,,very short
c'mon guys,HELP!!!!

lost top end speed and have a spudder now after snrkle,,, lost 5mph
it seems obvious to me i've restricted airflow,,but i see alot of guy's with 1.5,,, i did run carb. vent lines up to top of bars??
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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