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Losing Power in higher Gears

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I have a Have an 05 Honda Rancher 350es. I sat up for a while and would not idle very hard to start. Rebuilt the carb and now it starts fine...idles. ATV loses power as I go up in gears. Pulls well in first...tops out in second. When I shift into third is when I start having trouble. Tops out about 17 or 18 Mph and gets no faster in forth or fifth. It seems like it starts bogging down. Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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^^^ I agree with ATC4ever ^^^

Pull the diaphragm and slide out of the top of the carb and look for a hole or gap on the diaphragm. They sometimes get cut near the outer edges or tear loose near the inner edges where the thin rubber joins the top of the slide. Also make sure you follow diaphragm installation directions during assembly... most new issues can be traced back to improper assembly. The service manual for your Rancher explains how you must hold the slide up with a finger while putting the top cover on. If you didn't do that, its probably not in place now or it has become damaged.

If there are no air leaks in your diaphragm (and it has been installed properly) your main jet circuit is probably plugged. My money is on the diaphragm though... if you've had that top cover off.

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