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Losing Power in higher Gears

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I have a Have an 05 Honda Rancher 350es. I sat up for a while and would not idle very hard to start. Rebuilt the carb and now it starts fine...idles. ATV loses power as I go up in gears. Pulls well in first...tops out in second. When I shift into third is when I start having trouble. Tops out about 17 or 18 Mph and gets no faster in forth or fifth. It seems like it starts bogging down. Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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welcome to the forums, i moved your thread to the correct place ?. check to make sure your carb is getting plenty of fuel from the tank ?, it almost sounds as if your running out of fuel ?.
As shade said. I had this experience with my quad, rebuilt carb so many times. Turns out since the petcock was on a slight hill in the tank, I wasn't getting much gas.

Fill up tank and check fuel line, be sure it isn't pinched anywhere. Be sure petcock is on.

Also if you can turn gas flow on (petcock) and open up draining screw at bottom of carb. There will be a continuous flow for like 4 seconds (float bowl full of recent gas) but wait to be sure it continues for multiple seconds later. -put something under the hole to catch the gas so you won't be wasting- if all that check out then you might need to look at your jets. Did you replace them in the rebuild?
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