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Looking for TRX450 to race in CA

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Ok I am not sure if I can post it here or not, so pls pardon me if it's the wrong spot and for "cross-posting".

Dirkie Baard is a Pro 450cc rider from Namibia (Souhwest Africa) and will be racing in CA during Oct. He raced at 3 events in CA during March and came 2nd at the Dockin Rooster Desert Race, 1st at the Horizon MX event and 8th at the WORCS race at Race Town 395. The quad he raced with at the WORCS event was not set up properly at all which left him at 8th position, still pretty good for his first race at that venue.

We are now looking for either a good used TRX450 that will be able to do both a TPI and WORCS event and not break down during any of the races. It is too expensive for us to bring Dirkie's quad from South Africa, thus looking for quad to race during Oct. We have raced with only Honda TRX's (Dirkie's main sponsor was Honda) but if there is another brand that will be suitable he will give it a go. We will probably bring parts such as shocks etc., from South Africa, depending on what we find here and how ready the quad is to race.

We are also looking at new TRX450's but it need not be the latest model, it can be earlier, as long as it will handle racing at the Pro level. Dirkie will be based in Adelanto CA during his stay, as well as next year to start off the 2011 season.

Costs and finances is an issue and we would like to keep it down as much as possible. Exchange rate for us at the moment is 1USD to 6.4ZAR, so it can get rather costly, so looking at really good deals.

So if there is anybody in CA who knows where we can find a quad that will suit Dirkie's needs, please let me know as soon as possible.

Dirkie's website is

Thanks a bunch
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Either one would work, maybe to borrow for the two events (one in CA and another in NV). Dirkie will be relocating to CA in Jan. and would be looking to get two TRX's, one for MX and one for Off Road. Either way he would eventually need to purchase for him to kick off the 2011 season. But if there is a chance of "borrowing" one for the events during Oct., that would be cool too.
Any good used one right now would then be the third quad later (he normally has 3 quads, the oldest one is normally the practice quad).

Any ideas??

Thanks :)
He will unfortunately only be in the US during Oct., is running a few MX events, as well as a 400km Off Road race for the 2010 South African Championship series.

I might make it to LL, might just come over and wish you good luck :)
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