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i ride alot in the arrowhead of minnesota, gilbert off road park, soo line trails,
i just picked up a new 2017 honda rancher 4x4 dct irs.

i want to put a different set of tires and rims on it. so the stock are great for trails and gravel
but im looking for a bit more height and some more bite.

my stock are f 24x8x12 r 24x10x11
i was eyeing f 26x9x12 r 26x11x12 as a size.

first thing first is buying 4... 12x7 black itp delta rims. now is having a 12 rear rim as opposed to 11 going to cause the differential gears to become damaged?

i have 3 sets of tire i was looking at but was hoping anyone that rides hard gravel, hard packed trails and rocky terrain with light mud here and there and possible snow what they thought was a good all around.
looking for pros and cons on
4 SunF 26x8-12 & 26x10-12 ATV Tires 340$
4 Sedona Mud Rebel 290$ but only 25inches high.

or offer up some tires for me to look at that i have not listed and overlooked, i have shopped
denniskirk, rockymountainatv, bikebandit, discounttire, ebay. looks like the ebay prices are the best.

so any help would be great. i just spent the weekend riding in deep snow and they worked good but i know some more height and bite would help all around on gravel roads and trails.
Gilbert is a blast! Think my cat is still stained red from 15 years ago. Don't overlook radials, if you're mostly Trail riding with occasional mud and snow they are great. I had 26 inch Goodyear on my cat, it would hold its own most everywhere and still rode good. My main bike was foreman 450 with 12 inch wide vampires, go anywhere but rough ride
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