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Hey all, I am picking up an 03 Honda 350 es next week. Buying it as a project, the guy says it is getting stuck in gear sometimes and when it does the manual shifter won't work as well.

From my reading it sounds like a shift plate problem? Could it be something else ? I was wondering if there was a good write up on that anywhere ? I did some searching but didn't find any dyi threads.

Just wanted to familiarize myself with the problem before I pick it up.

Thanks !!

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Man oh man... if I remember correctly those 350s had a recall done by Honda to upgrade the shifter with a better part for free? Maybe yours just hasn't been upgraded yet and failed...? Hopefully someone better informed will chime in and correct me if I'm wrong about that.

In the meantime maybe you can search the 'net for any updated shifter parts information and get a quicker answer.
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