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Looking for advice...

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I just picked up a real basket case of an '87 TRX250X. Its gonna need some major TLC, not to mention blood, sweat and tears.

I've got to do a full cases up rebuild on the motor, what do you think? Should I go big bore/stroke/hi-compression? How much is too much? What a good trail cam? Is head porting a benefit on these things? Who's exhaust wakes them up the most? Best replacement carb?

Then for the suspension, I am planning on 400EX arms/tie-rods, but should I also run the spindles and brakes? It's got 250R arms and Works shocks on it now. The entire chassis looks OK and is stock, including the swingarm and rear shock.

As far as things it already has that are decent:

AC Racing bumper, DG nerfs, some desert style rear grab-bar, DuraBlue +4 axle and full aluminum belly skidplate.

The plastic is black Maier front and back, but it has a green fuel tank (that has got to go) and the seat will need to be recovered. I've got a nice set of Pro Taper bars to put on it too. I'm also planning on Holeshot GNCC tires all around.

Any and all advice will be welcomed! Thanx

Also...what do you guys think is the best shop manual for this quad? I've heard varying opinions so far.
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I appreciate all the input guys, but I have decided to part it out to pay for an '86 TRX250R. Check the classifieds for what's available.
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