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Looking for 250x Pics

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Anyone out there have any old school racing photo's or current photo's of 250x's... be cool to see any factory type race bikes... I'm not even sure if honda sponsored any 250x's... i know 250r's were their flag ship.. but just checking.

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I wouldn't know either but they sire are a fun little sucker to ride..
well I top out at 6'4 265lbs and my little 250X drags me around really well
That is his back fat dragging... he is sitting on it.
:hail::icon_ owned::icon_ rofl::icon_ rofl:

Now come on I'm not quite that bad my cover-alls hold it in...LMAO
I know pick on the fat guy!!! it's always been a way of life for you skeleton I posted up a couple of videos did you get a lookie??? lol
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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