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Looking at a Rincon

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I recently found a very clean 2007 Honda Rincon. It has 76 hrs and 300 miles on it. It is owned by a lady I reckon she is around 50ish. The asking price is $4500. If you we’re to put this Rincon beside a new one you couldn’t tell the difference. It hasn't been sitting up all those years. She rides it at least once or twice a month. It runs like a new one. Plenty of power shifts good. So you all think that’s a good deal.
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If you want a mud bike find something else. If you're looking to ride trails that would be a good one to get.

The 3 speed in the Rincon along with the IRS makes it a GREAT trail riding machine. They are NOT mud bikes.

They are a major PITA to work on, but if you're not mud/swamp riding they'll go a long time without needing anything done to them.

Either a lot of low speed riding or someone left the key on and let the hour meter run.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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