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Looking at a Rincon

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I recently found a very clean 2007 Honda Rincon. It has 76 hrs and 300 miles on it. It is owned by a lady I reckon she is around 50ish. The asking price is $4500. If you we’re to put this Rincon beside a new one you couldn’t tell the difference. It hasn't been sitting up all those years. She rides it at least once or twice a month. It runs like a new one. Plenty of power shifts good. So you all think that’s a good deal.
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Yeah that’s the only thing that scares me is the tranny.
I want one for trail riding and riding on the back 40. I already have my rubicon which is a good quad. It’s made more for work but rides good on trails. I’ll know more in a wk or so. She is going to pick it up in Missouri. The quad belongs to her sister. The only thing that kinda scares me is the transmission on the rincon. I’ve been doing some research on them. I wish Honda would get off their Butts and redesign the rincon. Give us at least a 700 cc engine 1000 cc would be nice. Power steering and The dct transmission.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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