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Looking at 700xx have a few questions???

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Hi, I'm new the the forumn

I have been wanting to get an ATV for awhile and was at the dealer looking at the 2008 700xx. The dealer said he could sell it to me for 5050.00 OTD to tax out of state. Seems like a good deal to me and from what I've researched a good ATV for the type of terrain I normally ride on. I live in WV and ride mostly rocky, muddy, backwoods trails and roads. I ride mostly with 4x4, rinos, razors, and some sport ATV's. I want something that will not beat the crap out of me on long bumpy rides but can get up an go. I have limited experience owning ATV's but have owned KX 80, KX 125, Honda Foreman 500 4x4, 2003 Honda Rinocon 4x2.

I have a few questions.

How well do they go in mud and water? (not submerged but top of tires)

Can you ride a passenger semi-comfortably?

How much do you have to work the clutch?(can you cruise around in 2nd or 3rd without constantly shifting)

Are the reliable like most Honda's? ($5055.00 seems like its to good to be true when the MSRP is $7999.99)

Will it be hard to get parts in 4-5 years?

any advice, expertise, or experience is greatly appreciated

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I wouldnt recommend any passengers!

Tons of torque, you can cruise around in 2nd or 3rd and not have to shift a whole lot.

I've had mine for a almost two years and other than the normal maintenance I have had NO issues.

Cant answer about the availability of parts, all I can say is I hope so.

For the kind of terrain you are talking about riding I dont believe you can find a better quad. I ride similar type conditions in Colorado and this thing eats up all the stuff you mentioned. I dont believe you'll be disappointed if you make the purchase.
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