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Lookie what I found

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My friend is working on about 7 hondas of all sizes for this lady he knows. this is a 96 Honda TRX 90 as you can tell by the photos it is practically in brand new condition very little scuffs on the plastics no tears on the seat and the tires have about 3/4 tread on them. It belonged for the lady's grand-daughter and she hardly rode it and when she did she never left the yard. I can get it for 600.00. She also has an 2007 trx 90 black with he burgundy flames for 500.00 it runs good but when you shift through the gears it upshifts fine but when you down shift it will go from 4th to 3rd ok but you really have to play with it to get it back to neutral. It's electric start and the 96 is pull start. What do you guys think?

The 2007 is Identical to this one
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I would Love to have them both but i will probably get the 96. My son is 9 he rode one of her other 90s today it was a red 06. this was the first thing like this he has ever ridden so i turned the throttle stop set screw in so it was slower he loved it!
yeah me to!!! Im trying to find a way to get both. the black one needs some work they all have been sitting in a shed for about a year now she has 3 trx 90s a 96, 2006 red one and a 2007 the black one. the black one I think may have some clutch issues it won't downshift from 3rd to 2nd and it dosen't idle well I think the accelerator pump is leaking the carb is clean as a whistle inside all the jets and orfices are spotless the only thing my friend didn't mess with is the pump if they have them I now the 250EX dosent. but anyway I will know more as the week goes on.
Absolutely. I'd like to run duals on the black I think that would be cool
I will come get the 07
LOL not If I buy I want to bore it out to a 385.
but I have 2 small ones too!!! LOL but the daughter isn't as interested.
Because 300 you have impacted us so greatly with your vast knowlege of the super modded ATV industry that we all are just... just... I can't even find a good word for how we feel little buddy. You are a popular guy on here just face it and live with it.
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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