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What do you think of the lights and mount?

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I joined about a year ago, I live in the northeast and I own a 21 Honda Rancher 4x4. My whole neighborhood actually bought either a Rancher or a Rubicon once they saw me riding! I have added the Honda heated grips, OEM Recoil Pull starter, OEM winch mount and Warn Pro Vantage 2500 winch. I also added a backup light. The backup light and the front center mounted LED are switch controlled with a handlebar mounted 3 way switch. I never touch any factory wiring and always add additional PVC wire sheathing while utilizing weather-pack connectors for connections. I swapped out the stock headlights for the HondaBoats Dual slim LEDs but I was less than enthused about them. They are poorly focused and really throw a flood of light out everywhere, including the treetops. I did some research and purchased two 6 inch light bars from Diode Dynamics. I designed a bracket and my buddy is a welder so he made them for me. I used weather-pack terminals for all my connections. I made my own harnesses. These lights are why I am creating this post. They are by far, the best LEDs you could ever buy for your vehicle or ATV. They solidly made, like they have some weight to them. They use a TIR lense for light distribution. Look it up, its like a mix between projection and reflection. They are pricey but they are all American made, from the drivers, the chips, the housing, the lense, everything is made in house in Missouri. Anyways, here are some pics of my finished product.
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