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Long crank time, problem solved.

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1986 Honda Fourtrax 350. After setting for several days especially in cold weather the engine had to be cranked on and off over several times and finally would hear the fuel pump briefly click few times and it would start. Would not ever start until the fuel pump eventually ran. The fuel pump normally only operates on this model unit when the engine cranks or is running. Choke is operating ok also, just not getting enough fuel pump prime to the carb.

I noticed if I applied 12v to the fuel pump run wire manually for a prime until the fuel pump stopped clicking the cycle would immediately start. I installed a fender mounted primer switch like this one (see ebay number below) fused at 10 amps and works great. Cycle will now set for long time and immediately cold start after getting the manual fuel pump prime.

Note this switch is wired to apply 12v to the pump hot wire only after the normal regular feed wire is disconnected. (no backfeed thru the cycles regular wiring)

ebay number 302323003823
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Those Hondas are equip with 12 volt pulse fuel pumps, as the tank is located to low for gravity feed, nice okie.

i had that same problem with my 86, had a fresh good battery, BUT..... 1st turn on the key (everything else electrical worked fine)....... But, Only One click from the pump ...... Did the same as you, and , many clicks, till she primed! She ran fine after that fix.

tel:302323003823 <<nice weather proof toggle switch
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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