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Lonestar Axle Carrier

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hey guys, my 400ex locked up the back tires and found out it has bad axle carrier bearings. It messed up my carrier too. I am gonna get this Lonestar Axle Carrier off T & T ATV for $120. It's the dual row bearings for longer lasting. I wanna know what other parts, gaskets, o rings, and anything else i will need to install this correctly. please help me, I wanna get this done before the weekend.
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All you need is the earing carrier call LoneStar at 480-610-6829 then press 3 ask for Robbert and tell him Todd Mahan sent you and tell him what you need don't know if he will be cheaper but worth a try.
if you don't mess up the o-rings that are there you won't need new ones, just clean the inside if the swing arm where the carrier goes put some grease on your finger and rub it around the inside about two inches from the out side edge in on both sides and slide the new carrier in. but get use to changing bearings if you ride a lot and get in the water and sand, i change i have to change mine once a year but i put a lot of stress on mine.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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