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Locking gas cap

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Awesome site ,tons of valuable info . Would anybody know if there is a locking gas cap for a 2016 rubi ?
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I have never seen or heard of a locking fuel cap for an ATV, most never use any but OEM, unless on a sport atv or bike, where they want to add a little more custom color like?

if you really wanted one, I am sure any of the custom gas cap company's would make you one, , you should only have to send them your's or one that fits and they can copy, I doubt it would be very cheap, maybe a 100+ bucks.

Cool idea though, one way to keep a kid from running a bike and refilling when done LOL

or someone filling up with fuel you don't want in it
I try to only use NON ethanol fuel in mine, so, I wouldn;t want folks pouring in ethanol crap in mine
MAC, I thought about folks MAYBE stealing gas out of an ATV, but in all my yrs, I have never seen it or even heard of it here, or else where to be honest!,
up my way, if there stealing anything its the whole atv, or MAYBE the tires and wheels>
too lazy here to steal gas out of an atv LOL
so, didn't really mention it ??

folks that steal fuel here tend to do so out of cars and trucks , as I gather they park close and just steal and pour into car and go, maybe idiots here are worried about maybe stealing
pre mix by mistake and scared to put it in there cars > LOL

and to be honest if it was me, a locking fuel cap, ATV or car/truck, I'd be more worried about cap getting in the key hole (more so on an atv) or me forgetting the cap's key, or loosing it on a ride, and then being screwed when I run out !
ice in key hole or??
just not worth it to me, but can see some folks more responsible than me being fine with a locked cap!
yeah I can see where pending you keep/store it, that can be a issue
I just never had any issue's
but again, a custom cap should be able to be had if you wanted, many make them these days for all sorts of things, so, shouldn;t hard to have one made up if you really wanted?

I know my truck didn;t even come with a cap(diesel) so I went and just got a cap in the aftermarket world, after I got it they started selling locking caps like what I got
but again, I'm too likely tom loose a key or have issue's with a locking cap, had them on some cars and trucks in the past and caused me more grief than help LOL
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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