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Lock nut wont come off!!

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Hey everyone, hope all is well.. I was doin some tinkering today and it seems my lock nut is really mean like REALLY tight..i`m gonna spray it and work it but i wanted to know if theres something i`m missing..i loosened it up to check the clip and make sure it was semi clean and not all rusted and stuff and now i cant get it back towards the tire to tighten it back up.. any input would be great!
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OK..i`ve sprayed it..waited..sprayed it..tied it again and nothing! I`m afaid to put to much pressure on it. And i cant ride cause i dont wanna stip the splines on the axle..HELP!
No bra not the steering..the lock nut on the rear brake side
Is it ok to heat that close to the carrier? i have it backed off the snap ring..trying to tighten it back up..i`ve been wd-40ing the snot outta it..
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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