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Thanks for being the one to gather info for the rest of us, but I was disappointed to not see the 700xx on either list.

The TRX700xx is: 505lbs curb weight. 2008 & 2009
As for HP stock it's 40, but there is much more HP to be had with a few mods like the big 3 which is true for all quads. Do some motor mods and HP can go way up. Right now, I'm at 47.8HP... want to get 55+, but I wanna find some ways to reduce the weight... not easy. 4 Elka shocks are lighter than the OEM shocks and my Barker exhaust system is much lighter than OEM, but this weight reduction is offset when you add nerf bars and skid plates... My curb weight now is: 503lbs. Goal is under 500lbs.


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'85 467lbs
'86+ 478lbs

TRX300 2x4
'88 439lbs
'89-90 466lbs
'91-92 476lbs
'93-00 487lbs

TRX300 4x4
'88 474lbs
'89-90 507lbs
'91-92 520lbs
'93-00 527lbs

00-01 498.0lbs dry 522.0lbs wet
02-03 499.3lbs dry 523.6lbs wet
04-06 500lbs dry 525lbs wet


00-01 511.0lbs dry 536.0lbs wet
02-03 512.6lbs dry 536.8lbs wet
04-06 511lbs dry 534lbs wet

00-01 523.6lbs dry 547.8lbs wet
02-03 525.0lbs dry 549.0lbs wet
04-06 525lbs dry 549lbs wet

00-01 534.6lbs dry 558.9lbs wet
02-03 536.0lbs dry 560.0lbs wet
04-06 531lbs dry 556lbs wet

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Thanks. Really figured the 350 would weigh a lot more than the 250. Thing feels like a tank comparatively.
Seems to me the newer quads just "feel" heavier when in reality it's more like they feel more planted to the ground than the older ones. Due in part I guess to more advanced suspension geometry, possibly wider width and longer wheelbases. Look at the 300 4x4 vs. 350 4x4, the weights are very very close but the feel of the two machines are much different.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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