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**line across dash** TRX420 FE 2011

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Hi I have a 2011 Honda Trx 420FE, I have a line across the dash were it tells you what gear it is. I have replaced the following:
Rectifier Unit & PGM FI unit. (it cured the problem for about 20minutes)

Bike then started an was running for 10-15minutes - checked voltage etc an bike was charging 100% & was not over charging.
turned bike of & then when for my tea, when I got back I was taking the bike to get washed & it just cut out. same problem line across the dash again.

any ideas of what the problem is or what I could test?
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Hi: Check the DC voltage on the Bl/R wire on the ign. coil to neg. of battery with the key on only.
Hi: Okay -- that is too low --- try this -- place a jumper wire from the + side of the battery to the Bl/R wire on the ign. coil -- leave the BL/R wire on the coil just shove the jumper wire in a long side of the Bl/R connector. The battery is fully charged ???
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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