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Highlifter's forum use to be the place for mods , the info is still there but nowdays they get about one post every other day , censorship killed that forum , they use to delete more post than post that were left to read , if you mentioned any other product then Highlifter in your post then it was gone

I never found that to be the case other than posting links to competitors. They did have their little power trips against some companies and banned talking about them though. I remember FST was always banned I don't know what the story was there but I have a pretty good idea why from my own experience with Mickey.
When Gorilla came out with the Silverback HL felt it was a direct copy of the Outlaw, at that time the Outlaw was the only real pure mud tire other than the MudZilla. So they censored the name gorilla and silverback and nobody could talk about it. I think that's one of the reasons many people shorten the name to sbacks....
HL had a lot of mods that were pretty ban happy and loved to delete and edit posts. Which certainly didn't help, at its peak the HL forum was so active you could not keep up to the new replies in any given forum section. It was a heck of a time. Of course FB groups came around and that was about all she wrote for the HL forums. Most forums are hurting now because of FB, not just the HL forum. This forum seems to be weathering the storm well though.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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