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got a trx250x Its old 87 needed rings put some on. I started it it ran but was smoking alot. it cleared up then started again. It bogs out when I crank it. Then it started blowing dark smoke finally fould the plug.It wont start now.It has spark but wont pop. It also has top end noise. Ok let me have it. I probably should have let it sit on that porch. have a feeling Im in for alot of money loss.

Just got a old new problem. I have a trx250x (blown rings) I replaced them.That was fun. It fired up (cool) Now the $#it starts. It started out by smoking alot.So I messed with carb. then it was to rich. I never was able to crack it open without it boggin out. Finally it fouled the plug. The big problem now is it makes a klacking sound up top and wont start just spark.I got lots of fuel just no go. What ya got for the new guy?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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