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late 80s early 90s fourtrax 350 wont start.

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so i started haveing issues with spark and thought it was a bad cdi still not sure it working at the moment but it would come and go, but even with spark my kickstart wont work so now something drawing power and killing my battery, so id would be nice if the kick start work. Ive gone through and sparks working got compression got fuel and carb looks fine nothing obstructing air but it wont start this thing has puzzled all 3 people that have helped me look over it. any ideas?
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What year?
Service manual and parts links are in my signature block below
How new is battery?
Did it run well for you in the past?
If you think CDI try hitting it with a shot of starting fluid the quad will fire but not run.
You can dry out a suspect CDI like you’re making jerky. Cold oven, put CDI in connector side up, turn on oven no more than 200F for at least 3 hours. Let it cool completely before you take it out and install it
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