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sometime's ya have luck that pay's off., then there are other time's.
i were fishing in the john boat. 10hp51 Johnson motor. was drinking some, an tossed a bottle on the shore. it never landed. instead, it sat in a tree, the bottle straight up. the trunk on one side, the branch, on another. it stayed there, least 3 or so fishing seasons. [near 5 yr's], someone must have moved it. was no glass on the shore, around the tree.
a shame people cant leave well enough alone.. ah aint knocking the derby bet, i might hit again, tossing a bottle in the air, landing in a tree, standing up, staying there for many years, not so..
still like the cash deal, derby... tossing a bottle up in a tree, hoping it will catch a branch, stand up, for years, not going to happen, for the longest time. ever
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