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Kimpex Exsound Muffler Review 1986 TRX350

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Needed a new muffler for my 1986 TRX350 4x4 and was having poor luck finding anything. DG had a few listed on their website, but upon calling them I found out that they didn't actually make them - something got goofed up on their website and they shouldn't have even been on there.

Anyway, looked around and found a Kimpex Exsound on ebay for $179 shipped. Was a bit skeptical as to how much of a direct bolt on it would actually be and how the "special" coupling not requiring a clamp would work.

I can thankfully say the Kimpex muffler proved me wrong. It was actually a direct bolt on, albeit only used two of the three mounting locations, the top one is not used. But you can actually get the muffler out now without having to screw around with the heat shield wince the top bracket isn't in the way. Both mounting holes lined up perfect, the threads were in good shape and matched the stock bolts.

The "special" clamp is just a heavier piece of tubing that is a very nice slip fit over the tail of the head pipe, I actually like it better than the stock Honda connection.

The muffler felt a bit lighter than the stock one, but I didn't weigh them. It sounds about as quiet as a stock one as well - mine stock one was falling apart inside so it wasn't like I could do a back to back test. Build quality looked good and it is made in Canada.

If you need a stock exhaust replacement check out the Kimpex stuff, they seem to have quite a selection.

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Looks like a well built product.
I understand this post is somewhat old however, I just installed a Kimpex Exsound on my 91 Honda 350 Fourtrax after reading this post and it's really nice! It took a little searching to find the pipe as my bike is somewhat odd as it's Canadian and the 91 just doesn't pop up in the part number often. Anyways I found it and a couple sites mentioned that the stock mid pipe may have to be cut, I can confirm it didn't need cutting at all as it slipped on simple and fit like a glove.

Thanks for posting this post with pictures! I actually find that pipe has a nicer sound than original in that it's not louder but throaty. Oh and the price versus OEM was a real money saver here in Canada!


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