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killswitch lanyard

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hey i have an 01 400ex and i have been wanting to get a killswitch lanyard for my bike. i have been wondering where does the lanyard connect to? do you need to get a special killswitch or will the killswitch on a stock 400 work?
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Just asking why would you want a kill switch unless your riding on a mx track they require them, but for any other purpose they are a waste of money IMO.
My it's like real life Wii fit... ride, run, ride, run...LMAO I try to stay on my quad though i'm not a nut like you guys.

I have chased my quad 100s of yards because i fell off and it stayed in gear, and on.... Idle will take that machine a long way. If it was not for the up slope I would probably still be chasing it.

ProDesign makes a good kill switch.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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