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Keihin VE94A pilot screw question '03 Rancher 350

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When I took the carb apart, I don't remember seeing any of the items in the pic with arrows pointing to them. All I remember seeing on the pilot screw was the spring and an o-ring . What gives? I'm confused and I can't find a more detailed schematic.


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If it’s like older carbs should look like this

Do you have the service manual? Link ink my sig block
Yes, I have a SM. Here's the odd part, I had no new parts remaining from the Hi-Caliber rebuild kit. That's a first! I'm stumped. Gonna put her back together in the morning and see what happens I guess. :eek
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It goes together like Goober's photo shows with the washer against the spring, then the o-ring goes on last against the washer, then the entire stack screws into the bottom of the carb body until very lightly seated... then back it out 1 3/4 turns for initial adjustment. Follow procedure in the manual for final adjustment on the running motor.

That washer protects the tiny o-ring from getting cut by the end of the spring. As Goober said, you'll be sorry if you don't put that last o-ring back in there... if you don't have one buy another china kit from another china company.
I didn't realize it was a China kit, I obviously didn't dig too deep when purchasing. Can someone point me to an OEM kit? I've looked for a couple hours and can't locate one. I must not be asking Duck Duck Go (should never use google) the right question
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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