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Just bought '05 Foreman not running - Broken Exhaust Rocker - easy fix

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This machine would barely start, idle and cut out. Compression was puking out the intake, cuz exhaust valve was barely opening. Found several problems to share here.

The main reason this motor died was I found that the oil filter was installed backwards, so engine was run without oil. Top end suffered damage.

Found broken rocker with pushrod wedged beside it.

Also both valves were hammered bad from not adjusting valve lash.

Orderd all the parts to fix: valves, rockers, push rods, guides, seals, lash adjusters, gaskets, filters, etc. = $250

Jeff ;-)
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Somewhat same scenerio...
Just replaced rings and piston pin on my 2000 450ES because of rather loud noise coming from cylinder and some smoke. Rings were obviously worn along with pin. Cylinder wall was okay. Did not bore... went back stock. Still has same high pitch, loud tapping coming from head. Valves were adjusted out to .006" and were in rather decent shape. Springs, rods, rockers all seemed fine. I did run a little seafoam in the last oilchange. Can this affect the lubrication of the top end? Scared to run it like this. I don't think the top end is getting lubed correctly. How would I know???? HELP!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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