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Just another new guy

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I don't normally do intro's, but hey what the hell lol

25 years young, been tinkering with stuff since I got my first set of screwdrivers on Christmas morning when I was 4 years old. Just graduated to bigger tools and more expensive toys, but hey haven't we all?

I've had a good hand full of bikes over the years with both two and four wheels, some of them I rescued from the grave and others just needed quite a bit of help but still were decent to eh not that great. Learned a ton along the way, and still learning today. I pick up bikes that are down on their luck and down on their price, fix them up and find them a new home that'll use them. It's more of a hobby for me than a second job or side hustle, generally i make it to where i usually make an extra $100 or so for my time spent.

Here's a list of the ones I can remember having over the years, among other projects

1999 Yamaha Blaster, big bore kit, full fmf pipe, lots of power
2000 Honda Foreman 450es 4x4, bought it blown up and in pieces, my absolute FAVORITE bike and i regret ever selling it
1994 Honda TRX300, she was a turd, but a reliable turd that needed a little wiring repair
1986 Yamaha XJ700, got it after sitting for 10+ years in a shed(you shoulda seen how nasty those carbs were)Poor mans frame up restoration
2001 Honda 400ex, was a solid bike that needed the carb cleaned and jetted, and got a nicer set of plastics since the ones on it were awful
2002 Yamaha TTR 125L, Don't ever buy one of these lol, absolute money pit, needed damn near everything
2000 Honda 400ex, previous owner LOVED silicone gasket maker and stripping out bolts! Even the head gasket had been siliconed!
2002 Honda 400ex, big bore, full exhaust, no airbox lid with K&N, AND somehow jetted properly. Fastest bike I've rode yet, needed some love in the wiring department. Previous owner hacked the wiring to where it wouldn't start and I returned it to stock.
2006 Kawi KFX400, bought needing a clutch, but the dingdong had the cable fully adjusted and wasn't engaging, one adjustment and not even the slightest slip.
2003 Honda Recon 250TM, my current project. do yourself a favor and don't ever buy a bike at night. But is coming along nicely.

Welp, I came here because I finally ran into something that kinda has me stumped, but moreso frustrated(that post will come shortly after) and I'd also like to share a little wisdom from time to time on those little things that you either find a trick for, or you end up learning the hard way.

Alright thats enough rambling for now, haha
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