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just a little smoke

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I recently purchased an 04 foreman 450 for my wife and kids to ride when we go back in the fields behind my house. A couple of day's ago I was following them down the road to get to the trails and when we left out of the driveway I noticed some smoke coming from the exhaust. It only lasted for about a hundred yards and then cleared up and I didn't see it do it again for the rest of the day. I started it up this morning and let it run for a good five minutes or so and didn't see a thing so I took it down the road and sure enough for about a hundred yards it smoked a little and then cleared up and didn't do it again the rest of the ride. I figure it is just the seals and just wanted your guy's opinion on the matter. The old wheeler run's great and seems to have plenty of power. Should I go ahead and change the seals or would it hurt to keep riding it until it worsens. And if I should go ahead and change them how hard of a job am I looking at. As always, I appreciate the help.
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If it don't smoke any more than that and if it doesn't use a lot of oil, I would just wait until it gets worse. It won't hurt it to ride it like that, just keep an eye on the oil level and don't let it get low on oil.
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