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In case you havent, did you change your gear & brake oils as well?(Maybe i missed it) Could be water in there locking things up a little..Just a thought. & Its an ATV...stuff like that happens.
just gonna touch base on your very last line ^^^, '' its an ATV...stuff like that happens '' well sir, let me see if I can set ya straight ?, ATV does not stand for, or mean RIDE ANY WHERE, EVERY WHERE ?, IT MEANS, ALL TERRIAN VEHICAL, pretty sure this does not include WATER, LAKES, RIVERS, PONDS ?. I can see us trying to cross a short stream ?, or some short mud hole ?, BUT NOT LAKES,RIVERS, PONDS JUST TO SEE IF IT WILL RUN IN THEM ?!. they make things called...BOATS for this..right ? everyone has their way of fun ?, I get this, but at what cost is this fun...FUN ?!, guess more people than me have deeper pockets, cuz I know I don't ?, so I stay on DRY LAND..LOL.
Lol...yes, i am to the point i like grassy trails in the woods TBH. But hey...anyone who buys an "ATV" will take it places they likely shouldnt :wink:
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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