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jetting ?

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i was wondering if you jet something what do you all have to get to this you need to new exhaust if you have stock one? and i have a gas leak that is coming from the drain to and it's like pouring out while it's running and off if i don't turn the petcock to off i did just the floater and it's good and i check the vave float to and it was good but i replace it anyways.. so i'm wondering what in the world else it could be while my carb was out i clean it out with carb cleaner to...does anyone have a clue i'm very tired of watching my gas it the ground and wasting my money on gas when i have this leak please help..... oh one more thing what are you guy talking about when you say this "plug test first" how is this done? just wondering to. :icon_ cry::icon_ cry:
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well i look and i didn't see another tube coming out of the carb for a another drain tube ...if you go to this link this my carb i have and it's breakin down by parts maybe if you really have the time please let me know what parts you are talking about....this what i did order 21 SKU: 16155-MN9-004
VALVE, FLOAT (Honda Code 2906170) and 1 SKU: 16010-HN1-003
GASKET SET (Honda Code 5996525) i did take out my float and shack it next to my ear and didn't hear and gas shacking inside or or dripping from it at all. hmm here the link to my carb below...thx
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i was just wondering about rejetting because later down the line i will:happy2: know what i need to get and do thanks for answering about the jetting question...
yeah i'm talking about a 400 and i'm will be breaking it back down today and i'm going to check ever thing once again and see what i can come up with i'll post something if i find or have some trouble thx and hhave a great bunny day!
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