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Jetting questions on a '91 250x

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I got around to rebuilding the carb last night. The dealer told me that I need a 119 main jet. Nothing about the slow jet. My kit came with a 122 main and 35 slow, and the quad has a 125 main and a 38 slow already on it. For what reason would the previous owner have put a bigger jet in when our altitude says to go lower (I bought it locally from a guy who had owned it for 10 years)? How big of a deal is the slow jet because the one that came with the lit won't work. It's too long and it gets in the way of the bowl so I put the original 38 back in.
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the slow jet sits in a recess you must be talking aboiut the main jet just loosen the jet holder and turn the nut down then tighten up the holder and put the new jet in. it should be about 1/8" above the bottom of the bowl where the drain plug is. what is your altitude? anything below 300ft is a 128 main if you are above 300ft 118 and if there are any mods then you need to be larger on the main. a 35 or a 38 isnt going to make a whole lot of difference the slow jet only controls start to just above idle.
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