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Jets for 400ex carb on a 250x

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I am told I have a 400ex carb. No idea how to tell considering it has no stamp that I can find on it.

The two Jets that were in the carb are a 135 Main and a 38 Secondary (or pilot).

Question 1:
How can I find out if the carb is a 400ex or not?

Question 2:
Do I have the proper jet sizes for using a 400ex carb on a 250x (Assuming I do have a 400ex carb)?

Thanks in advance!
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Is there any mods done to the quad other than the 400 carb? if not then thats a bit much. go on ebay and look up 400ex carb and see if yours looks like that then look up one for a 250x. a 400 carb has a larg intake opening.

400EX carb

250X Carb
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looks like a 250 to me
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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