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Issue with 04 Rancher

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Hi all, I need your advise. I just purchased a used 04 Rancher 350 4x4 manual. The bike has been sitting and left outside for awhile. I took it to a reputable bike shop for servicing. The brakes were frozen up and have been fixed, yet they don't seem to respond quick enough compared to other quads I've driven. The shop changed all of the fluids (possibly not brake fluid, need to check). They said the bike had some water in the differential but they flushed it good and filled with quality oil. They also did a tune up.

I drove it tonight a little and noticed that the throttle kind of hesitates at first. Also, it back-fired on me tonight.

The shop thought the carb was good. Do you think it needs more servicing or to be run for awhile and see if it "clears" up?

thanks! Tapp
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Did they clean the carb? Sounds like it's running lean. Carb probably needs cleaned. Sounds like it's not getting enough gas if it's hesitating and backfiring. You might try pulling the choke on about half way and see if it runs better. If it does, carb needs to be cleaned. Make sure the gas tank cut off valve and filter isn't about clogged up, also.
Yeah, I would take it off and clean it good. I've never had any luck with any kind of fuel additives. When an ATV sits for a while the gas in the bowl of the carb evaporates and it leaves deposits behind. The deposits tend to stop up the jets and air passages and needle valve passage where the gas flows into the carb.
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