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Lmao I actually opened this thread because the title reminded of "Does my butt look big"

I dont know the 400ex but know 500's and 420's and I do line up the oiler hole for the same reason you mentioned.
Changing the timing chain is a good idea while the engine is open.
As far as gears go it seems to be changing good. Did you disturb those at all? What's the reason you cracked it open?

On 350's 420's and 500's there is a gear position senor that you would line up to the neutral position when you put a back case cover back so the Shift drum should be in neutral position for it to match up. It might be safe to say the 400ex also has some neutral indicator to match up as well.

When you put the case halves together and the linkage back in you should be able to test all the gear positions at that time to see if it's right and go any farther.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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