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is this a 07 420???

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ok... I am looking at a 07 rancher 420 4x4 ... at least I thought I was. this is my first bike to purchase.. this bike looks like it has the 400 motor cover.. it don't look like the 420s do.. I don't think its an at though bc it has the electric shifter on the handle bar.. did they make 400s that wasn't at? I'm just trying to figure out what this bike is... it doesn't have a sticker that says at... I uploaded a photo of the bike


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nm no its not a 420.. sorry I'm new to bikes.. glad I didn't get this one..
lol now hes arguing with me and honestly I don't know.. did they make 420 at that looked like that in 07? anybody know?
... well I probably wont be the most visiting member but I just recently started working on bikes.. no Hondas yet.. I have a Yamaha timberwolf 250 I'm working on currently.. I figured out they didn't make 420 automatics after I did some researching. when I told him what he had, about two hours later he replied " its a 420 though" so I had to research to be sure. thanks for the replies guys. Ill be around probably bc I'm buying me a Honda bike soon.. just trying not to jump into anything.. I'm thinking the new route.. I seen where a 420 rancher was going for under 7k at the dealership with the right options.. what is the ES IRS DPS? those cost more are they just fancy add ons?
not like it mattered if it was a 420 the main thing that scared me away was the tranny.. I'm a little rough on stuff... didn't know the 400 was carbed tho good info. and yea the sides just resembled the rubicon.
you can tell by the headlight too
yea i think I'm gonna go the new route and get a new 420 with irs and foot shift.. thanks man
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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