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Is there any tricks to remove mud flaps from fenders?

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I have an '86 Honda Fourtrax 250 that I am trying to get ready for Duck Hunting riding on the muddy levees. While shopping, I found a new aftermarket rear fender assembly that was returned because of no tool box. Shop owner was stuck with it so he sold it to me cheap. But I can't get the black mud flaps off the old fender assembly of which I need for the heavy mud I encounter. The strait slot screws are rusted to the small nut/clips under neath that hold them to the fender. I used WD-40, tapped on them and even tried putting vice grips on the back side. Is there a special tool for these type of screws that more pressure can be put on them vs. a big screwdriver? Or do I have to drill all of these screws out? What is a good Screw/nut replacement to use? OEM screws and nut clips will cost more than what I paid for the fender assembly. And this atv is just used for hunting, not show but appreciate any ideas from you.
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Yeah, I took off the rear fender and put it in my portable drill press and drilled out the old bolts. They drilled through pretty easy and replaced with small stainless steel bolds, washers and nuts. It looks better too.
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