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Here's one for you--I bring home my first ATV this afternoon, a '98 450 Foreman. It's had some use--360 hrs., about 1300 miles--and needs some cosmetic TLC, but ran strong & shifted into fwd. gears fine before I closed the deal...

...Until a few hours later, when, while showing it to my neighbor I remarked, "Know what, I don't see how to shift into reverse--there's no lever, there's no button."

My neighbor hops on, and while stationary and the engine running, shifts up, then down to N. Then, he holds in the down shift button for a time, and when nothing happens, pushes the up shift button while holding down the down shift button.

And now, well, you may have guessed--it doesn't shift at all. Stuck in N.

What can I check or do? I pretty much spent what I had to buy the machine, so won't be heading to a shop any time soon.

Thanks for any & all help.

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