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Intermittant ignition problem - 88 Fourtrax 300

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I've had an 88 fourtrax 300 for about 5 years now - the previous owner told me it would kill occassionally - but usually restart right away: sometimes right away, sometimes wait a few mintues. sure enough, on my 3rd day out, it happened, but restarted right away. It's been happening more frequently, and taking longer to recover. I almost wish it would die totally!
Anyway, yesterday when it happened I determined it was ignition related. it was dead for about a half hour. of course, I had no test meter with me, and by the time I trailered it home, all was good. OK, I figure it could be: coil, CDI, Stator, or any of the wiring or kill switches.

since it is so intermittant, this is hard to find! any suggestions? and what part is so likely to fix itself? I have a 3 day ride planned, but unless I know I have this nailed the Honda will have to stay home. :(
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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